Everything you provide within the treatment is covered by the privacy law (WBP) and medical confidentiality (WGBO). We only provide information to third parties if you have given written consent for this. If there is a threat to you or others in your environment, we are obliged to report this. Read more about the professional confidentiality of the healthcare professional here.

Privacy declaration

Focus GGZ only uses patient data for the purpose for which the data was stored. Focus GGZ does not share patient data with third parties, unless this is necessary for the purpose of data storage. Focus GGZ does not store patient data longer than necessary based on the storage purpose of the data. Focus GGZ uses all possible means and measures to keep patient data safe from unauthorized access. Focus GGZ asks patients for permission to store personal data, if no treatment contract has been concluded. Focus GGZ informs patients about the rights of the patient with regard to his personal data. Focus GGZ informs its patients about the purpose of the processing of personal data. Focus GGZ informs patients if Focus GGZ is going to perform special actions with the personal data. Read more about how we process your personal data here.

Professional code

Psychologists and psychiatrists must adhere to rules in the performance of their duties. The Netherlands Institute for Psychologists (NIP) has laid down these rules in a professional code. More information about the professional code for psychologists can be found on the NIP website. For the professional code of psychiatrists, please refer to the website of the Dutch Psychiatric Association (NVVP).