Mission & vision


Focus GGZ has one important mission: to provide accessible mental health care in the form of clear treatments with a head and a tail.

We provide tailor-made support for our clients towards a positive and independent existence in society. We focus on the strengths of everyone as a unique individual, with an eye for his or her personal development, own nature and views, and with respect for others. We continue to build a safe and solid basis to be able to work on an independent and successful future. We want to be a small-scale, socially-driven company that has the greatest possible significance for the people we offer treatment.

We offer security, structure and stability, are committed and professional. We stimulate and motivate clients to achieve their goals. We work eclectically. This means that we strive to merge different working methods, styles, ways of thinking or motives, always in the interest of the client. We offer customization and do what is necessary for the client. All this is done when necessary in close consultation with other professionals.


Focus GGZ has a clear vision. We believe that change always starts with you. If you work on yourself, you not only work on your own well-being but also indirectly on a better world. We are happy to be part of this process.

We focus on care in which the human dimension and accessibility are paramount. The guidance is aimed at independence, personal responsibility and self-reliance. When care is needed that cannot be provided to a client, we will make every effort to guide the client to appropriate care. Our clients can count on an individual approach.