How we work

When you opt for treatment at Focus GGZ, this process consists of 5 steps:

1. The first step

You are ready for the next step and we will help you with that! To start with, we need a referral letter from your GP. The GP can send this to us via Zorgdomein. As soon as we receive this referral letter, we will call you to discuss the options at Focus GGZ with you.

2. The intake process

As soon as we have determined together that we could have a suitable offer of help and planning an intake makes sense, we will get to work together. Our intake process consists of 3 conversations in total:

  1. During the first conversation we map out in detail what is going on and what your request for help is to us
  2. The second interview is with the psychiatrist. This person checks whether there are any medication issues or physical issues and also checks whether nothing has been overlooked during the first meeting
  3. After the second meeting, we discuss your case in our team meeting and we look at the results together – the third meeting with you follows: the advisory meeting. During this meeting we discuss the results and the next steps. This conversation is with your coordinating practitioner. This coordinating practitioner is ultimately responsible for your treatment and remains your point of contact throughout the entire process.
    1. The consultation may also show that we do not have a suitable offer of help. We understand this may be a disappointment. This is never unwillingness on our part, it just means that we don’t have the right expertise in-house to give you everything you need. A hospital cannot help heart patients if they don’t have a cardiologist in house.
    2. If we do not have a suitable offer of help for you, we always make sure that you know what our findings are, what we think a suitable offer of help could be for you and where you could possibly find it.

3. Treatment plan

During the intake process, we draw up a treatment plan. We will discuss these with you during the consultation. We always work with processes that have a clear head and tail. This way you always know where you stand and how long it will take you to complete the process. The treatment plan is always finalized in consultation with you.

4. Treatment

Your treatment can consist of different elements: therapy sessions in the form of cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR or IMRS (trauma treatment), elements of schema therapy and psychomotor therapy. A psychiatrist can also opt for pharmacological treatment.

The treatment usually consists of individual sessions, but you will also be given homework so that you are consciously involved with your process between sessions. Only in this way can you work constructively with the things you encounter. Group sessions can also be used in psychomotor therapy.

5. Evaluation moments

To ensure that we can give you the best possible treatment, we regularly evaluate it. These evaluation interviews are very important and therefore a mandatory part of the treatment. The evaluation interviews take place with both your executive practitioner and your coordinating practitioner. Here, together with you, we look at the treatment plan and how it is going. At the end of the treatment you have a final evaluation with your coordinating practitioner to complete the treatment properly.

6. Aftercare

We strive to help you as best we can, but we also know that you can always run into problems after you have finished your treatment with us. That is why we offer the possibility to always contact us when things are going on that you can’t figure out yourself.

Terms and Conditions

If you want to read everything again in your own time, you can find all the information in our general terms and conditions! Click here…

CaleidoZorg vanaf 1 maart nu ook in Amsterdam

CaleidoZorg heeft als visie om zorg bereikbaar en betaalbaar te houden voor iedereen. Vanaf 1 maart is er vanuit die visie weer een extra stap gezet door de overname van Focus GGZ. Door deze overname zijn we nu ook bereikbaar in regio Amsterdam. Met deze stap werken we steeds meer aan het omlaag krijgen van de wachttijden voor mensen met een complexe problematiek. Wij kijken ernaar uit om ook in Amsterdam onze cliënten zo goed mogelijk en op een herstelgerichte manier te kunnen helpen. Een manier die ook mooi aansluit bij de missie van FocusGGZ.