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Looking for a Psychologist?

Everyone goes through periods when things don’t go so well. You feel sad or anxious, experience problems in your private life or at work. You eliminate yourself and put the needs of others first. Eventually you come to a point where you feel that you have lost control of your own life. Sometimes you can solve these problems on your own, but sometimes you just need a little help. Focus GGZ offers this help. You no longer have to do it alone, because we are here for you.

High client satisfaction score

General appreciation - 8,5
Functioning of psychologist - 9,2
Expertise of psychologist- 9,7
Attainability - 8,9

Short Waiting Times

Due to the expansion of our team of Psychologists in Amsterdam, we currently have short waiting times until the intake! So you can receive treatment at Focus GGZ within a short timeframe!

Waiting times as of July 2021

By Telephone - 1 day
Intake - approx. 3 weeks
Treatment - approx. 4 weeks
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Focus GGZ Column

``A bad psychologist``

- Psychologist Jelena Stevic

Read her column here

Our team in Amsterdam includes:

Jelena Stevic

Psychologist in Amsterdam

Annetje Scholten

Psychologist in Amsterdam

Charline van Asselt

Psychologist in Amsterdam

Jelmer Haanstra

Psychologist in Amsterdam

Tamara Groenteman

Psychologist in Amsterdam

Koen van Dalfsen

Psychologist in Amsterdam

Leonie Sandman

Psychologist in Amsterdam

Suzan Kalmijn

Health Care Psychologist in Amsterdam

Supervising therapist

Martijn Zuurveld

Health Care Psychologist in Amsterdam

Supervising therapist

Amanda Kuhuwael

Health Care Psychologist in Amsterdam

Supervising therapist

Tamar Drescher

Clinical Psychologist in Amsterdam

Supervising therapist

Edwin Oudemans

Psychiatrist in Amsterdam

Supervising therapist

Saskia van der Zee

Intake coördinator in Amsterdam

Elly Luider

Office manager in Amsterdam

Veronica Risch

Managing Director in Amsterdam