For the referrer

Focus GGZ: Specialized mental healthcare in Amsterdam South

Focus GGZ offers treatment to adults from the age of 18 who get stuck because of anxiety and depression, trauma, ADHD and burnout and who are motivated to work on their complaints.

Our treatments

We offer individual treatments through cognitive behavioral therapy. In addition, we also offer treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder due to a single event. We do this in the form of EMDR and imaginary exposure therapy.

The treatment for burnout is not reimbursed by health insurers and therefore we do not offer this at Focus GGZ. For this we work together with Focus Burn-out Treatment. More information:

Inclusion & exclusion criteria:


  • From 18 years
  • Permanent residence / residence
  • In possession of health insurance
  • Anxiety and mood problems
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (Single Event)
  • ADHD
  • Burnout
  • Treatment within a voluntary framework
  • Motivation for treatment
  • Short-term care requirement (max. 6 months)


  • Personality issues
  • Considerable treatment history
  • Serious or multiple problems
  • Complex PTSD (cPTSS)
  • Suicidality
  • IQ <80
  • Self-harm

Short waitingtime

To avoid waiting times, we always ensure that we expand our team as the requests grow. In this way no one has to wait unnecessarily, people finish their treatment faster and in this way we ensure that the flow is constant. That is our way of contributing to the dramatic waiting time developments in mental health care.

Who are we?

Focus GGZ is a new specialized mental health care provider in Amsterdam South. A young, professional organization that is very passionate about offering mental health care with a no-nonsense mentality.

The client comes first and the lines are short between referrer and therapist. Our enthusiastic multidisciplinary treatment team consists of psychologists, mental health psychologists, clinical psychologists and psychiatrists. We only work with highly experienced professionals, who are always up to date with the latest developments in mental health care.


Focus GGZ works via ZorgDomein. As soon as we have received the referral, we will immediately contact the client to discuss the options. If appropriate, we plan the intake immediately.

If we do not have a suitable treatment, we will immediately contact the referrer to explain this and to give advice on what is an appropriate organization.



Our treatments are reimbursed by all health insurers from the basic package. If we do not have a contract, we agree to the rate that is awarded by the health insurer. We do not pass on the difference to our clients. We do, however, ask for a one-time personal contribution of € 200 to somewhat bridge the gap that has arisen.

CaleidoZorg vanaf 1 maart nu ook in Amsterdam

CaleidoZorg heeft als visie om zorg bereikbaar en betaalbaar te houden voor iedereen. Vanaf 1 maart is er vanuit die visie weer een extra stap gezet door de overname van Focus GGZ. Door deze overname zijn we nu ook bereikbaar in regio Amsterdam. Met deze stap werken we steeds meer aan het omlaag krijgen van de wachttijden voor mensen met een complexe problematiek. Wij kijken ernaar uit om ook in Amsterdam onze cliënten zo goed mogelijk en op een herstelgerichte manier te kunnen helpen. Een manier die ook mooi aansluit bij de missie van FocusGGZ.